ill titleCode of Combat


1. First is to again remind you that Circle of the Sword is mainly a theatrical group so excessive force is not required nor wanted. All blows will be pulled so that the combat is safe and fun.

2. Those who are classed as 'Fighters' are expected to maintain their training. This means continually training with the weapons of thier choice and not going out on the field into combat with a weapon that they have not used in a long time. Do some training with it first, for safety's sake.

3. Fighters who continually injure themselves or others will taken off the field of combat and after more training will require a new clearance before being allowed back into combat.

4. No member shall consume intoxicating liquor prior to or during a tournament/show or training.

5. If you are taking prescribed medicines you shall notify the Coordinator before taking part in any training/tournament/show. This is for medical purposes only.

6. Any member unlawfully taking controlled substances will automatically banned from the training/tournament/show and upon review may face being banned from the club.

7. Duty of Care: Formulated from our understanding of the document Duty of Care.

Members' responsibilities Include:

* Following safety and health instructions provided by the club, as set out in the Code of Combat;
* Correctly using and keeping in good repair, equipment and clothing.- For example: Helmets, if used, should be securely strapped;
* Swords and other weapons should be kept clean and the edges smoothed off on a regular basis;
* Taking care to use equipment safely and for its intended purpose;
* Reporting hazards to other members;
* Reporting related injuries or harm to health to the committee; and
* Cooperating with the club and committee on safety and health matters.

8. The care and maintenance of weapons and equipment is vital to the health and safety of not only your opponents but yourself as well. Keep edges de-burred and weapons clean and clear of rust. Any handles/hafts that have wrapping ( leather, wire, cloth, etc ) is to be in good condition and cannot cause injury. Any wooden haft is not cracked or splintered. Good maintenance of equipment means safe and fun fighting.

9. If any injury does occur then both parties (injured and injurer) will leave the field and will seek medical attention, whether it means just going to the First aid box for a bandaid or going to hospital for better medical attention. The injurer will make sure that the injured person is alright before resuming combat, however this is dependent on the injury. If the injury is serious then the injurer should sit out of any more combat for a length of time to relax and de-stress.

10. Each member shall dress appropriately to the theme of the show and the combat engaged.

Please note that the above Codes of Combat and Conduct are guidelines and are not set in stone. If you have any comment on them or think they should be worded differently then please advise us of it and we will consider your notes.