ill titleCode of Conduct

1. Remember that Circle of the Sword is a theatrical combat group so it is not necessarily competitive and therefore there is no need for excessive force in your fighting.

2. Respect all other peoples' property including personal items - please ask before borrowing and if you do borrow equipment then return it as you found it.

3. All new ideas will be listened to and appreciated.

4. Anger, lack of consideration, excessive competitiveness or aggressive attitude (other than simulated) do not belong on a combat field and will not be tolerated or permitted.

5. Always try to be courteous and think of other people's point of view.

6. You will not force your beliefs on others without their expressed consent.

7. You will check your area (set up area) for anything left behind such as equipment and for the removal of rubbish.

8. Please do not bring domestic arguments to training or events/shows.

9. Any complaints that cannot be worked out between the two or more parties that directly affect the group will be brought to the attention of the committee or someone that the conflicting parties will recognise as a mediator.

10. Most of all, please remember this is meant to be fun, so please, have fun.